Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hi All!!

Long time - no post......sorry about that!  ;)  But I come today with some very exciting news!!!!  I was contactged by Melanie from over at Pockets Of Inspiration and asked to be a part of her design team this coming year - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????  I was like "pinch me!!!! - "

So - with that being said......I have a tiny sneeky peeky for you today - mwahahahaaaa  :)

This month is all about llloooooooovvveeee.......  Head over to Paper Crafters Sampler to check it out - Tell her Regina sent you :)

Happy Stampin'!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

WOW - it had been a while!

Hi All!!

Sorry for the extended absense......all I have to offer for that is the same old same keeps me on my toes, to say the least.  ;)  I do have a bit of eye candy for you today though......not the ususal type of thing I share, but something I felt I needed to make and get out in the mail.

Do I have you confused yet?  Just a bit confused??  heheheheeee.....

Well.....I will start way back on Friday, October 29th at 4:00 in the evening.  My cell phone rings - it is my husband's set ring on my phone - so I know it is him before I even answer.  He asks me if I am sitting down......This can't be good news, right?  I say no, I'm not....what is it?  He says I think you need to be sitting down.  OK  -  I am about in panic mode about now.  So he proceeded to tell me he gets a call from work (he is a truck driver) first thing that morning.......OK - now I am really nervous........And let me tell husband is a slow story teller.  He repeats things over and over and stumbles around the point......I am like just spit it out!  He then says to me - They called to tell me my name was drawn for Steelers tickets for Sunday's game - You know the game - Steelers wiped the floor with the Patriots - lol - I was like - NO SIR......You are lying.  He said Honestly - I did.  And then the story gets better and better......Our ticket package is a Legends Package.  HOLY CRAP!!!!!  He proceeds to tell me in our package in his mailbox at work will be a parking pass for the parking garage, seat tickets in the Legends section of Heinz Field (Which is actually at field level......we had to go down to the field to get our seats!!!)  And that our envelope would also contain tickets to get into the Legends Tent for a pre-game dinner with Steelers Legends Players - DOUBLE HOLY CRAP!!!!!!  This was my first Steelers game and it was done up right, let me tell you.  OH MY......

Wondering where I am going with all of this?  LOL......I just wanted to get this info out really - I do have some cards for you to see today.  I wanted to make a Thank You card for the company owner, and the two office men that were really hospitible with us with a little tailgaiting before we went to the legends tent - but I knew that just any ordinary Thank You card wasn't going to cut it.....So I came up with this:

A hoot right?  I used the thank you sentiment from Curly and Cute and then made my own template for the three inverted circles of the Steelers logo and cut the corcles with my circle scissor plus.  I thought they came out cute - and the entire office is absolutely Steelers CRAZY so I think they will like them.  Hope they will like them because a card can't thank them enough for the experience we had that day -

Well.....that about sums it up - Oh wait!   Wanna see one of the legends we got to see that day?

My husband was in awe of Rocky Bleier - and he was super nice and we could tell he really enjoyed being around the Steelers fans!