Tuesday, November 30, 2010

jingle, jangle, jingle......

.....you can hear the sleigh bells ring.....i am old kris kringle, i'm  the king of jingle-ing! ho! ho!

so - is everyone ready for the holidays?  i have my shopping done for our daughter - i'm glad i finished that up two weeks ago, since my hubby is laid up from breaking his ankle in two places and having surgery on thanksgiving day.  argh!!!  forgive me - i am not using capitals today.....not into it!  lol!!!

i do have something to share with you though.  the other night after i put my daughter to bed....i pulled out some stuff and got busy on the coffee table.  let me tell ya - the coffee table isn't the best place to work with a bad back...but i hated to leave my hubby sit - lay rather - and have me upstairs playing....so the coffee table it was.  lol!  sitting here thinking, i realize i could have sat at the bar - but i didn't think of that then, no shock there, huh?

i am really getting into these decor elements, i gotta say.  i really like making pictures and things with them.  wanna see what i made the other night???  do ya?

well?  you like?  it was inspired from another blog and i can't remember where i saw it - it was a while ago and i just filed it in my memory bank of things to make....you know, when i get a free minute to myself...lol!!!

the frame size is a document frame - fits a 8 1/2 x 11 instead of the normal 8x10.  the decor element is the medium black jingle all the way.  the ribbon is the wide striped black ribbon - love that wide ribon!!!

can you see in the picture that panel on the left is whisper white with whisper white snowflakes cut with my big shot and the snowflakes #2 die?  love the white on white.  i tied a few gold jingle bells to the ribbon with crochet thread....but the next chance i get to town, which might be easter, i am going to buy bigger jingle bells to tie onto the bow.....but you get the idea?  right?

the polka dot paper behind the decor element is cherry cobbler, from the desigher series prints paper packs.  they are huge packs, really.  the decor elemetn is applied to the front of the glass, so looking at it in person gives a little depth to it.  i had to give the jingle bell a jingle bell color.....so i used the backing sheet that the decor element comes on for the pattern.  after you burnish the decor element with the applitcator tool and get it to stick to the transfer sheet, the decor element comes off the backing sheet - which has the design image on it from the cutting process.  so, i cutout the jingle bell shape on teh backing sheet - which is actually garbage - and traced it onto brushed gold cardstock and cut it out.  i then adhered the gold cardstock to the back of the glass (inside of the frame)  with mini glue dots on the glass where the decor element would cover it.  so - if i ever wanted to replace the designer series paper and decorate it with different colors, the gold bell would still be attached to the glass....in the erfect spot for the decor element.  did i make that clear as mud?  lol!!!

well - off to check on the hubby....he is watching "the perfect storm"....not like we haven't watched that a gazillion times.  wonder if the ship makes it through the storm?

Monday, November 22, 2010


Today starts another UNBELIEVABLE sale from Stampin' Up!.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

This is an unbelievable opportunity!!!

Stampin' Up! has announced a recruiting promotion that will run from November 15-30.  You can selsect either the basic starter kit or the digital plus kit for 1/2 OFF!!!!!

You will receive over $310 of stamping goods for only 87.50.


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You can take this were ever you want to take it.  You can make a career out fo it, use it for the discount only or simply buy the kit just for the amazing deal and never place an order on your own.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome to our Home

.....well, a door to a home.....somewhere, some place.  :)

Wanna see what I cooked up a little while back???  Ever since I saw Belles and Boughs in the Holiday Mini all I could think about was making a card that was a door with the bells hanging on it like a wreath.  That set was on my first preorder....yes - I said "first".......that is another story....LOL!!!  We can dig into that can of beans on another day.  hehehe!!!!

Before I get into the good stuff......is anyone else out there have kiddos not adjusting to the new time????  My little one does normally get up at about 5:50am....everyday....like clockwork.  She has a 7:30 bedtime, so I am ok with it for the most part.  And I have realized that if I get up between 4:30 and 5:00 am, I get time to wake up "on my own" and in peace.....but now.....since we are off an hour....my little one is getting up at 4:30.....WHAT!??!?!?!?!?  She still goes to bed at her 7:30 - which to her little body should be 8:30, right???  So, in my mind - she should still be sleeping until her 5:50, since her body would think it is 6:50.  right?  am I making any sense?  Probably not - I'm not getting my quiet time in the morning anymore!!!  LOL!!!!

So, anyway - for what you probably came here for - some creative inspiration - not my rambling.  But, if you come here ofter enough....you already know I ramble!  lol!!  (see - there I went again!)

Wanna see some eye candy?

Wanna???  Wanna????

I can't hear you.........

That's better.

 Here it is:

I absolutely love the results of this card....I don't like to toot my own horn, hardly ever, but I am happy with this one.

The card base is sized down to 3 1/4 x 5 1/2, to make it more "door proportionate."  The door itself is soft suede......oh how I {luv} soft suede.  I did a faux wood look with a white craft ink pad, the woodgrain background stamp and sponging early espresso on all edges. 

Did you see my door knob backer panel thingy??  I know there is an actual word for that and usually I know what it is - my mind it filled with useless knowledge like that - but I can't think for the life of me what it is right now.  But that is neither here nor there, right?  hehe!!

I made that baby with one of our punches......can you guess which one it is?

I started by inking up a scrap of whisper white with versamark ink and embossing it with gold embossing powder and the heat tool.  Then I started to punch with..........

HA!!!  You though I was going to tell, didn't you??  Not yet......I will come back and tell you later in the post :)

And then I stamped the bells onto watercolor paper with jet black staz on ink.  I then watercolored it with my aquapainter - an absolute must - have - at - least - three of these babies!!  - and classic ink refills.  I don't know if you can see inthis picture, but I put Smooch Pearlized Illuminate ink over the bell to give it a beautiful sheen.  If you don't own any of this yet, get it right now - order two bottles as a matter of fact.....it is addicting ;)

Can you see?

Oh yeah!  The door knob is a gold brad - nothing like pointing out the obvious, huh?  lol!!

Wanna know what punch was used yet?????  Do ya?  Do ya??

It was the............
..........you are hearing a drum roll..........

.........still rolling................

keeps rolling................

The Extra Large Decorative Label punch.  Did you guess right?
If you would like a tutoriasl on how to make the door knob backer thingy, leave me a comment, I will see whatI can do..... ;)

You can leave me a comment even if you don't want a tutorial.  lol!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Buttons - Buttons - Let's Share the Buttons!!!

Hi Stampers!!

I;m sorry it has been soooo long since I posted - I have been working very hard getting the Holiday Card Camps going, Getting ready for the Club week next week, getting the Giftable Camp samples ready and preparred.....I sure have missed you though!

I am offering a Button/Brad share that you won't want to miss!!

The Button share consists of:
1 of each style (3 styles) of each of the 24 Designer Button colors - 72 Buttons!!
pg 186 in the Idea Book and Catalog


1 of each style (3 styles) of the Big Designer Buttons - 24 Buttons!!!
pg 17 in the Holiday Mini Catalog

You will receive a total of 96 buttons for ONLY $16.


The Glimmer Brad Share will consist of:
2 of each color Glimmer Brad in all 20 colors - 40 Brads!!
page 36 in the Holiday Mini Catlog

You will receive a total of 40 Glimmer Brads for ONLY $6

***If you order BOTH shares for ONLY $22, you will receive a 6x6 sampler of retired Designer Series Papers as a bonus gift to you.

Shipping rates additional, if applicable.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Out of Retirement :)


Did you think I meant me being out of stamping retirement?? 

No silly - I meant I have used some retired stuff on this project.  I wanted to make a little something special for my daughter and her DIVA friends as the moms call them.  We all met last night for dinner - kid's choice - McDonald's......they really need to start selling "drinks" if you know what I mean....hehehe!!!  ( I don't even drink - but it does sound appealing on trick or treat night.....)  After the girls ate, we headed out for the local parade and some door to door begging  for a tootsie roll.  lol!

So, I made these for the girls - hopefully they are DIVAish enough :)

The purse was made of the top note die and the scallop oval frame die and the big shot.  The designer series paper is retired- I forget what the name of it is off the top of my head.  I also used the big shot and the sans serif alphabet dies to make their purses monogrammed.  :)  It is hard to see in the picture, but the letters are outlined with black glitter.  Gotta start them out early, right ???  hehehe!!

We are going to see my daughter's step cousins tonight,so I wanted to make them a treat bag too.  More retirees here, but there are some fun new things also.

The bag itself is made from the fancy favor box die and the big shot.  The skull stamp (just jawing) is also retired, but I still love it.... :)  But, here are some fun things I did to the skulls:

I used dazzling diamonds on both skull's eyes....but this one I used the smooch accent ink to give him a gold tooth.  Hae you ever seen The Bee Movie???  One of my favorite lines of it is when Barry Benson ( the main bee in the movie) says "I think I'll get a gold tooth and everybody can start callin' me dawg."  Guess you ahd to be (or BEE) there - but I can't get that quote out of my head since I made this.....argh!!

And this little cutie has a "pearl" tooth - I used the illuminate top coat smooch accent ink on this one.  Can you see it in the picture????

Well, I better run....2 1/2 million more thing to accomplish this morning.  Hubby would be proud, I am already doing laundry....lol!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Day of Gratitude.....

Hi Stampers!!

I have been doing a lot of "behind the scenes" stamping lately....sorry it has been quiet around here :(  "behind the scenes"......that makes me sound really important, huh?  LOL!!!  The annual Holiday card camp is this Sunday and next Friday - so you know what that means - lots of cutting, counting, sorting, bagging.....you get the picture, right?  So that's what I have been doing with my half an hour of free time a day...hehehe!!!

So, with me not doing anythign you can see yet, I will pull out some more samples from the sample boards from Baltimore for you to see.

 Remember how I had to go to Cahrm City Cakes while I was there???  I wonder if I could sway Stampin' Up! that they need to host an event in Hoboken (sp???), New Jersey so I could go to see the Cake Boss.  I think SU should really take Food Network shows into consideration when scheduling events, don't you agree?  lol!!!  I would enjoy nothing more than to throw a cake on the floor with Buddy and walk away for his crew to clean up.    I had an experience last winter with a cake - and believe me - if I had a kitchen crew here - that cake would have went on the floor!  Part of the sides stuck to the pan....my buttercream icing wouldn't spread right.....believe you me....I was seconds from picking up the entire sheet cake and throwing it on the floor as hard as I could.......but then I remembered I didn't have any kitchen bee-otches to clean it up.....I am the only bee-otch here - well that works in the kitchen anyway ;)  hehehe!!!

Oh - you want to see samples......all right, all right......

now if that doesn't make you want to stamp - there may be no hope for you ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Need help with your ABC's????

Well - even if you don't think you need help with them.....trust me, you do!!

Now, before you get all offended that I think you need help with your alphabet......that isn't the ABC's I was talking about.  Stampin' Up! is offering an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. ABC sale!!

With this sale, you can:

Create Amazing cards,

Beautiful packaging,
and Cherished gifts
this holiday season!
Have I caught your attention yet??  Check this out!
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Oh boy!!  This is one awesome sale!!! 


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Need a reason to stamp????


You need a reason?

sad, sad, sad........you failed that test!

Stick with me here - I am not a night person and it is 11:30 PM  and I am sitting here making you a post to look at.....I am not trying to make you feel guilty or anything, but you better not need a reason next time.....just do it :)

You know what??  I am not really a mornign person either and a nap is always desired mid afternoon.....
humph.  well - let's move on, shall we??

I still have soooooo mony pictures to share with you from my Regional trip to Baltimore.  And you know I {luv} fall - so I have some more samples made with the Day of Gratitude set in the Holiday mini.

Wanna see?

pretty, huh.......thank you to who ever made these sample cards.....

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Goodness

HI  Stampers!!

I just {luv} fall - don't you??  yum.

Are you missing your eye candy samples from the Regional event that I attended in Baltimore??  I have soem more to share with you today......

Like I said before, I don't have access to the creators of the cards off of the sample boards - so if one of these are your creations, please let me know and I will edit my posts.

Now - get to stampin'!  :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

We interupt this regular broadcast

.....for station identification!

I have been showing you so many things that I haven't made, I felt it was time to let out something that was mine :) 

Get it?  Station Identification??? 

Blog identification???? 



No?  Not as funny as I thought it might be.......lol!

My daughter is in swiming lessons.  Poor thing - My hubby and I  (mostly me) have been spending her whole life making her afraid to be around any water other than the bath tub - and that even has strict rules......I know - I need to loosen up.....and we take her to swimming lessons and expect her to be willing to do what ever they want her to do.  Her first session, this summer, went ok.  She had to be pulled off the wall to do everything and by the time her instructor had her half way across the pool, she did enjoy herself....but getting to that point wasn't very easy.  This session ended last night and her instructor has been really awesome with her.  All of the instructors are SRU students and this group we have this session are all so good with the kids.  You can tell they enjoy being around the kids, not just there to get paid to make sure kids stay above water....ya know what I mean?  So anyway - her next session starts next week so as far as my daughter is concerned....it will be life as normal - except she may not have the same instructor.......I sure hope she does. 

Boy - I went off the deep end there, huh?  LOL!!!  Get it??? Deep End???  Deep end - swimming - deep end????  LOL!!  I kill myself - and i didn't even mean to say that until it was already typed out......

So anyway - I wanted to give her instructor a "little something" for all of the extra attention she has given to my daughter.  Every girl likes chocolate, right??   Well - everygirl should...... lol!

I decide to see what I had in my stash of stashes and see if I had anything I could decorate and put some chocolate in.  I had a "few"  {**wink**} things that I could put chocoalte in and decorate......So I decided to go with a small basket.  And then I ran with it.  Well, walked with it.....I am not much of a runner - hehehee!!!!  Wanna see?

Isn't it darling?  Seriously - isn't it?  I cut felt leaves out with the leaves 2 die and my big shot....oh how I {luv} him...the big shot!!  Who did you think I was talking about???  Come on ladies - what is not to
[luv}?  I then took a piece of the black strtiped wide grosgrain ribbon and cut it in half lengthwise and then cut the finished edge off of one side.  Then - here is where the fun started - PULL THE EDGE PIECES OUT.......oh - how fun!!  This created a frayed edge and when I tied my bow it pulled more threads out making it look a little shabby.  I then pullede out Fabulous Phrases and stamped the word "enjoy" onto apiece of confetti cream cardstopck that I had already stamped a leaf from Autumn Spendor in old olive onto.  I ocmpleted it with the jewelry tag punch and punched a hole in the tag with my paper piercer and added it to the bow with a pin from the vintage trinkets,  {yum}  see?

cute, huh?  (boy, I am full of myself today, huh?)

A bag of store bought chocolate would look so tacky in here, right?  So, for pennies - I mean p.e.n.n.i.e.s. - i dumped it into a large flat cello bag and tied it with a piece of scrap ribbon fromt he basket and made a little "thank you" tag to hang on it.  The sentiment is from Curly and Cute.  I stamped it in early espresso onto confetti cream and then stamped off an old olive leaf from Autumn Spendor before punching it with the new extra large dcorative label punch.  I adorned it with two acorns stamped from Autumn Splendor mounted up on stampin' dimensionlas before tying onto the ribbon with twine.

So, I created this gift in a jiffy with my Stampin' Up! supplies I had on hand to make a bag of candy really look "wow."

What do you think?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The more we get together.....

together......together.......the more we get together.....the happier we'll be!

Just try to get that one out of your head today - I dare ya.  lol!!!  I have some more samples from the display boards at the Baltimore Regionals this past weekend.

I absolutely love the owl punch.....but you knew that already, huh?

Did you see "his" bow tie and "her" hair bow?  genius!

And the set, Have a seat...... 

Wouldn't this be a darling card to someone you wanted to get together with??

And take a look at these sweeties!!

I loved the Awash with Flowers set to use just as flowers - but this - oh my - too cute!!!

I have so many samples to share with you - stya tuned and keep in touch!  now, GO STAMP!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Too Cute to Spook!

HI Stampers!!

I have some sample cards to chare with you from last weekend's Baltimore Regional event.  One of the best benefits of being able to attend a Stampin' Up! event is getting fresh ideas from the sample boards.  It is sooooo much fun to look at all of the cards and discover uses for product that you might not have thoguht of before.

I will share some Halloween samples with you today.  I didn't have access to the creators of these beauties, but if you see your sample please let me know and I will credit you to the wonderful creation.

Oh My - aren't those some great ideas?????  Now GO STAMP!  lol!  ;)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a Whirlwind!!!!

HI Stampers!

I had a wonderful time in Baltimore last weekend - I attanded the Stampin' Up! Regional Training event at the Convention Center at the Inner Harbor......too much fun for such a short time!  I will eb sharing samples and swaps from the event but I wanted to share some highlights with you today.

The Inner Harbor is such a beautiful place - I wish I had more time there to enjoy it and really take in more of the cultural district.  Of course, my hubby and daughter were with me and their idea of  "culture" is coloring the placemats at Denny's!  LOL!!!  But my hubby did let me absord in some Baltimore goodness....one regret I do have is not attending the Oriole baseball game at Camden Yards whiel we were there.  I have zero interest in the Orioles (sorry to be so brutally honest - I am a Pittsburgh sports fan and I really wouldn't go out of my way for the Pirate games either ;)  )  but to watch a game at THE Camden Yards.....we should have went.  On Saturday, the day of the meeting, there was a baseball game and it was across the street from the Convention Center.  Let me tell you - there was a *little* bit of traffic there! 

Oh!!  Did I mention I had the pleasure of meeting some of the Royal Family?  I didn't get to meet the Queen herself - She was home enjoying a new grandson.  But I did get to meet with some of her Court.  Wanna see?

Carrie Cudney - she is the sweetest girl - all tall.....did you see that?  I love watching her training videos from Stampin' Up!  She is soooo creative I just wanted to rub her hair to absorb some of her creative juices in.

And - The Bonnie Thurber!!  I mean if you don't think of her as a Stampin' Up! celebrity you have no respect for Royalty in Salt Lake City.  I mean seriously....come on people!  She was super sweet!!  She seems like she would be a lot of fun to spend time with......and her creative side is another amazing one!!!  I could have spent the afternoon pinching her cheeks and tellin her how sweet she was!

On Sunday mornimg, before we headed home - before we went to breakfast even....a girl has priorities!! - we had to seek out Charm City Cakes......Hello!!!  We are in Baltimore and Duff has his cake shop in Baltimore - did you think I would not have thought of that????  If you know me personally or even may have read it here some where - I dabble in cake decorating.  I am NO Duff Goldman, that is for sure - won't ever even come close to his talents - but I do enjoy watching his crew turn simple pound cake layers into a.m.a.z.i.n.g. things!!

Well....better get on with my morning.  There are dry clothes that need hung in the dryer, wet clothes in the washer that need dried and dirty clothes that are ttrying to jump into the washer, a kid that needs dressed, long hair that needs combed, a lunch that needs packed, a dishwasher to unload.......the list goes on and on.....I am SURE you get the picture.  I need some assistants around here so I could blog more today.  I will be bring by some samples from this weekend this week - pinky swear ;)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Calgon......tote me away........

IF YOU ARE HERE TODAY (or any day for all that matters ;)   )....MAKE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN - I HAVE POSTED TWO POSTS TODAY.

Well, I sure am not a pioneer when it comes to making a purse out of the scallop square die and the big shot....but I did finally get around to making one.  I didn't really look up any direcctions on what to do...I just plugged through it from seeing so many online in the past.  Wanna see mine?

Excuse my hand holding it up.....I guess I should have taken the picture before washing it so it wouldbe stiffer....but I gotta tell you - I think these purses are less than adorable before washing to shabby up a bit.  I did, however, do more sewing on my square than I have seen in the past.  I also don't recall the edges being finished off quite like this of the ones I have seen:

Maybe I did...I don't know....but I don't remember it.  I had to add some pockets to the sides:

I will use these pockets for a cell phone, gum, keys, etc when I use this baby as a purse AND when I use it as a stamping supply organizer at stamping classes and clubs the side pockets will hold adhesives, bone folder, snips....who know....but I am sure it will be packed with stuff!

I was going to make some pockets for the inside....but honestly I have plans to make an organizer insert to tote around stamping supplies when I order more fabric.  I have been doing so many things with this fabric line, I am pretty much out of it....sad, sad day when you have a project to execute and you are out of fabric.....  I gotta place an order, soon!  You will see that organizer insert, I promise....as soon as I get one made.

And.....with scraps, I had to make a cute little flower pin.  I didn't wash it yet though.....I don't know what I was thinking.  lol!    Wanna see???

The solid layers are cut from wool felt .  teh dies I used to make this flower are: Island Flroal, and Blossom Party.  Look at the layered goodness of this cutie:

I sewed it all together and added a Big Designer Button from the Deck teh Halls button collection.  I gotta show you the back so you can see how I tacked the "leaf" layer down.

I didn't want the leaves to be three equal petals....so I tacked one off to the side.  Now I will have to sew the pin back on it and atatch it to my purse or shirt or something that needs some lovin'!

Well....leave me some love with your thoughts on these two projects.  I won't bite, honest - well - unless you don't leave me some lovin'!  lol!!