Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Day of Gratitude.....

Hi Stampers!!

I have been doing a lot of "behind the scenes" stamping lately....sorry it has been quiet around here :(  "behind the scenes"......that makes me sound really important, huh?  LOL!!!  The annual Holiday card camp is this Sunday and next Friday - so you know what that means - lots of cutting, counting, sorting, get the picture, right?  So that's what I have been doing with my half an hour of free time a day...hehehe!!!

So, with me not doing anythign you can see yet, I will pull out some more samples from the sample boards from Baltimore for you to see.

 Remember how I had to go to Cahrm City Cakes while I was there???  I wonder if I could sway Stampin' Up! that they need to host an event in Hoboken (sp???), New Jersey so I could go to see the Cake Boss.  I think SU should really take Food Network shows into consideration when scheduling events, don't you agree?  lol!!!  I would enjoy nothing more than to throw a cake on the floor with Buddy and walk away for his crew to clean up.    I had an experience last winter with a cake - and believe me - if I had a kitchen crew here - that cake would have went on the floor!  Part of the sides stuck to the buttercream icing wouldn't spread right.....believe you me....I was seconds from picking up the entire sheet cake and throwing it on the floor as hard as I could.......but then I remembered I didn't have any kitchen bee-otches to clean it up.....I am the only bee-otch here - well that works in the kitchen anyway ;)  hehehe!!!

Oh - you want to see samples......all right, all right......

now if that doesn't make you want to stamp - there may be no hope for you ;)

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