Friday, October 8, 2010

We interupt this regular broadcast

.....for station identification!

I have been showing you so many things that I haven't made, I felt it was time to let out something that was mine :) 

Get it?  Station Identification??? 

Blog identification???? 



No?  Not as funny as I thought it might!

My daughter is in swiming lessons.  Poor thing - My hubby and I  (mostly me) have been spending her whole life making her afraid to be around any water other than the bath tub - and that even has strict rules......I know - I need to loosen up.....and we take her to swimming lessons and expect her to be willing to do what ever they want her to do.  Her first session, this summer, went ok.  She had to be pulled off the wall to do everything and by the time her instructor had her half way across the pool, she did enjoy herself....but getting to that point wasn't very easy.  This session ended last night and her instructor has been really awesome with her.  All of the instructors are SRU students and this group we have this session are all so good with the kids.  You can tell they enjoy being around the kids, not just there to get paid to make sure kids stay above water....ya know what I mean?  So anyway - her next session starts next week so as far as my daughter is will be life as normal - except she may not have the same instructor.......I sure hope she does. 

Boy - I went off the deep end there, huh?  LOL!!!  Get it??? Deep End???  Deep end - swimming - deep end????  LOL!!  I kill myself - and i didn't even mean to say that until it was already typed out......

So anyway - I wanted to give her instructor a "little something" for all of the extra attention she has given to my daughter.  Every girl likes chocolate, right??   Well - everygirl should...... lol!

I decide to see what I had in my stash of stashes and see if I had anything I could decorate and put some chocolate in.  I had a "few"  {**wink**} things that I could put chocoalte in and decorate......So I decided to go with a small basket.  And then I ran with it.  Well, walked with it.....I am not much of a runner - hehehee!!!!  Wanna see?

Isn't it darling?  Seriously - isn't it?  I cut felt leaves out with the leaves 2 die and my big shot....oh how I {luv} him...the big shot!!  Who did you think I was talking about???  Come on ladies - what is not to
[luv}?  I then took a piece of the black strtiped wide grosgrain ribbon and cut it in half lengthwise and then cut the finished edge off of one side.  Then - here is where the fun started - PULL THE EDGE PIECES OUT.......oh - how fun!!  This created a frayed edge and when I tied my bow it pulled more threads out making it look a little shabby.  I then pullede out Fabulous Phrases and stamped the word "enjoy" onto apiece of confetti cream cardstopck that I had already stamped a leaf from Autumn Spendor in old olive onto.  I ocmpleted it with the jewelry tag punch and punched a hole in the tag with my paper piercer and added it to the bow with a pin from the vintage trinkets,  {yum}  see?

cute, huh?  (boy, I am full of myself today, huh?)

A bag of store bought chocolate would look so tacky in here, right?  So, for pennies - I mean p.e.n.n.i.e.s. - i dumped it into a large flat cello bag and tied it with a piece of scrap ribbon fromt he basket and made a little "thank you" tag to hang on it.  The sentiment is from Curly and Cute.  I stamped it in early espresso onto confetti cream and then stamped off an old olive leaf from Autumn Spendor before punching it with the new extra large dcorative label punch.  I adorned it with two acorns stamped from Autumn Splendor mounted up on stampin' dimensionlas before tying onto the ribbon with twine.

So, I created this gift in a jiffy with my Stampin' Up! supplies I had on hand to make a bag of candy really look "wow."

What do you think?


Stephanie said...

i think that the swim instructor will be tickled to receive this from her little "fishie" --this is what paper crafting at its finest--making something for someone else--bet you made that college student's week !!!!!!

Ilene B. said...

Your whole project I totally love, but where did you get the basket and are there anymore? I have been looking for ones like that for a long time with no luck!
Ilene @