Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Punch Riddle for you......

Remember way back in March when I gave you a punch "quiz" of sorts.....THIS post.....Well, I have another for you today.

What does the top note exclusive big shot die, word window punch, 1 inch circle punch, 1 1/4 circle punch, 3/4 inch circle punch, card stock, fun foam, white gel pen and black stampin' write marker have in common????

Any guesses yet?

I can tell you that when I showed this to my hubby...he said "that's cute." To get a compliment out of him is miraculous....and he was sick with a bad I really took it as a compliment.

Guess yet???

My little on said " I want to have that...." But, she is three...she wants everything.....

Got it yet???

Anyway, last night I went to the movies with a friend and we saw "Nights in Rodanthe." It was such a great movie!!! Richard Gere is my luv hero! Has been since the 80's when he starred in the modern day "My Fair Lady," other wise known as "Pretty Woman." I can't go into too much detail about the movie...I don't want to give anything away...but if you are a chick that likes chick is a must see!!! Go with another might shed a tear. I didn' takes something earth moving for me to cry over a movie, but there were a lot of sniffles in the theater!

Any guesses yet?

There is one movie that to this day in the same part, I well up with tears. Ever see "Armagedon?" It is a Bruce Willis/Liv Tyler movie from a way back.... Now that gets to me every time! It is at the end where he (Bruce Willis) is doing a deadly "blow up mission" on a meteor. If he doesn't blow up the meteor manually, it will hit earth and kill a very large area. The space head quarters communicate with him via satellite and in their head quarters there is a wall sized television that they see him on.

Have you figured out your "quiz" for the day yet???

So before he does his bomb detonation, his daughter, Liv Tyler, gets to communicate with him via jumbo tv. It gives me chills when they say their good bye's...anyway...that is my tear jerker movie...almost every time.

Did you guess yet????

what are you waiting for?????

What about "Titanic" you ask???? Nope...I knew the boat was going to sink when I went to the theater.... Not sure what the crying was all about there....

Well, if you aren't going to guess...I'll have to show you:

OMGosh!!! Did you guess this??? Now, be truthful!!!

The hair is fun foam cut with the big shot....cute, huh? My sentiment came from All Holidays....the rest is probably self explanatory.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrappin' Saturday

Well....I am going to try something new to get me caught up on my scrapbooking....God knows, I need something to help me get caught up! lol!! I am going to try to post a scrapbook page here every Saturday. Now, don't beat me 50 lashes with a wet lasagna noodle if I don't get to it...but, I am going to give it an honest try. Thanks goes out to Colleen F. for the little boost I needed.... ;) First of all....let me get my confessions out of the way....

1. I will try to post all pages that are SU! only....but occasionally I might slip in contraband....I have as many scrappin' supplies as any local Mike's...that is no lie!

2. If it is SU! might use retired designer series paper - when I buy it, I have my scrapbooks in mind...and since I am behind....well - you get the picture ;)

3. I never used to post pages with pictures on them...just empty if it is a page on my little one...her face will be blocked. Call me old fashioned....

So, with all of that out of the way....I will tell you about this page:

My daughter has always like to just "play toys..." I don't know what it is...but she loves to sit among a mess of toys and play.....and play....and play.... I like to capture everyday things in her scrapbook, especially. There is more to life than "events," right?

The base page is whisper white, obvious, right? The designer series paper is from a retired pack - Flowers for You. This layout could be scrap lifted with any current paper though....

I scalloped the edge of the pink printed paper with my scalloped edge punch and tore one edge of the white printed paper. My title was stamped onto regal rose with white craft ink using the big deal alphabet and mounted up on stampin dimensionals. The two pictures are just as they were taken - 4x6 butted against each other. My journaling is done on 1/2 inch strips of lovely lilac with the white gel pen. I did accent the journaling panels with flowers punched with the three for you punch adhered down with white brads. NO...STAMPIN' UP DOES NOT SELL WHITE BRADS....BUT HERE IS HOW YOU MAKE 'EM.....hold a silver or gold brad with tweezers by the prongs. Push the brad end into your versamark ink pad and dip into white embossing powder. Emboss with heat tool, let cool and there you have it....WHITE BRADS! :)

Here is a closer look at my corners....when you are covering two of your four scalloped corners, they don't have to work out perfect. {hint...hint}

I just punched out various circles from regal rose, lovely lilac, and pretty in pink card stock. I stamped some flowers from ginormous flowers onto whisper white with lavender lace, regal rose, pretty in pink...and yes...I know I used all lovely lilac card stock and then stamped lavender lace flowers....that wasn't a type error. :) Some circles and all of the flowers were mounted up on stampin dimensionals. The stamped flowers all have "bling" centers of rhinestone brads from both the fire and ice round rhinestone brads.

That about sums us up here.....Let me know what you think of my first Scrappin' Saturday.....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Blogger's Challenge - week 66

Well, I am back in the saddle when it comes to Blogger's Challenge. I haven't done it in a few weeks...and for that I'm sorry. I can't even begin to make excuses...other than life has taken!!!

This week, we were do a card Warhol style. for those of you who are scratching their heads...and asking what is "Warhol???" I hope to enlighten you a little. Andy Warhol, was an American artist and a central figure in the movement known as pop art. He was born in 1928...right here in Western Pennsylvania....Pittsburgh, to be exact. He had training at Carnegie Mellon University. Maybe his most recognizable work of art was a canvas of Campbell's soup cans. He mostly did multiples of a print on one canvas in multiple colors. If you are ever in the Pittsburgh area, there is a museum in his honor on Stanwick Street.

So, any are asking....Why is she rambling like she is???? Well, I still have laryngitis and it feels good to get words!!!! I am going to "my office" today to see what is going on here. A while back, my husband doctored for acid reflux and we had to take our little one to his appointment one time and she said it was Daddy's office...and her "office" was down the hallway. Which it was...they are in the same building. So now, when we go to the doctor, we call it our offices...maybe it takes some scare out for my daughter. OMGosh!!! I am doing. it. again...rambling!

Back to the card....

The technique calls for multiple panels of the same image stamped in black ink. Well...there was my first rule broken....I hope I don't get thirty lashes for that one....I wanted a "fall themed Warhol..." So I used chocolate chip.

The card base is chocolate chip. I stamped a leaf from With Gratitude onto ruby red, really rust, old olive and pumpkin pie with chocolate chip and then punched them with my 1 1/4 inch square punch. I sponged all of the edges...again....did I break another rule??? Hope not.
My sentiment panel....another broken rule???....I don't think Andy Warhol ever put sentiments on his works.... Any is ruby red. The sentiment is from With Gratitude as well. I punched two of the corners with my tag corner punch and sponged it up. I wanted it to look like an old fashioned tag....sort I punched out a "ring" of pumpkin pie and adhered it to the tag. I threaded some old olive 1/4 inch grosgrain ribbon through and secured it with linen thread.

Let me know what you think...this is my first card of this type, but probably won't be my is a cool technique that I can already visualize with other stamp sets that I have. But You know me...I will probably do something "off color" to the!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


and forever.....these moments with you......are just like a dream to me.....that somehow came true.....

are you singing it yet??? "Always and Forever" by Heatwave was our wedding song.....thirteen years ago! Our anniversary was actually last week on the 16th....but I am just getting this posted now. Sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately...I'm trying to get back on track! lol!!!

So I had to use my set - Always - to make my hubby an anniversary card.

I have I am tempted to ramble on and on here.....but I will try to spare you :)

The card base is not quite navy. Under the heart and can't see it in the picture....but i stamped the berry sprig with not quite navy coming out of the heart and bird. The bottom strip is urban garden designer series paper - I gotta tell you...I {luv} this paper pack!!!!! The styled silver hardware looks delicious with these colors, I think. I tied a simple knot with basic grey taffeta ribbon with a scrap of white taffeta in the knot. The heart is stamped on baja breeze with not quite navy ink and cut out - that is obvious though...isn't it???? lol!! I am so good at pointing out the obvious! hehehe!! The bird is stamped with basic grey onto whisper white...and you guessed it...and cut out! I adhered the bird with stampin' dimensionals.

That sums it up! Do you think it is manly enough??? Probably not...but the bird is grey...and the card is blue....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A cute thanks

Hi all!
I am coming in quickly today...I think I'm coming down with my daughter's aliments.....argh!!!!

I sent out a kit order for the last camp I had last week. I wanted to send her a little thank you card. I love the new Bella Rose I grabbed that first.

And this is what I came up with:

Don't you just love that little sheep???

Well, back to the couch I go! Hopefully my little one will be happy watching movies all!!!

Hapy stampin'!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It has been a long time.....

Sorry I have been gone for so long! I sure missed being here! Finally got the computer fixed...and then headed into a busy weekend. Speaking of weekends....I had a stamp camp on Sunday, which was a blast! But that isn't why I'm here. I came to show you the door prize.....

Isn't it cute??

It isn't my original idea...It came from a fellow blogger, Sheryl.
It came full of green goodies....punched shapes, buttons, rhinestone brads, eyelets and ribbon.

See the bird on is also a die for your Big Shot....I tell you...the Big Shot makes your projects come together so fast!!!!
Oh yeah....Big Shot Club Members...this will be one of your projects next club. (It won't be this same exact design or color...but none the less, you will learn this box.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's been a VERY long week so far......

I'm sorry if you have been wondering what has happened to me.....maybe you don't give two hot dogs here I've been....but I will fill you in anyway.

Well....first of ll started when Ike plowed through western Pa with very powerful winds....Sunday evening. We all sat down to watch the Steeler game....HELLO....they are playing the Browns.....what else would we have been doing????? The wind started to really pick up.....trees blowing like crazy....winds howling through here like we lived near the get the picture, right? lol!!!! Just a few minutes into the game....he lights dimmed several a horror picture, lol!!! I ran towards my computer to try to get it shut off before the electric went out for good. I didn't make it...not even close.... :-( (note - the last time we had one of these power surges, my computer bit the dust and I had to restore it back to factory settings. Let me tell you...I lost so many much I didn't wan tis to happen again!!!!)

So, the lights went out.....we did get power restored Monday afternoon around 2:00, but I had left Monday and Tuesday with my daughter to camp (previously planned....thank goodness!!!). The second my hubby answered the phone on Monday night...I sent him right to the computer....he knows nothing about 'puters so I was grabbin' at straws here. He couldn't get it to turn heart sank! I can't be disconnected.....these aren't the pony express days!

So fast forward...I come home Tuesday to give the power button a try myself....maybe he was pushing a disk eject button, right??? lol!! Well....nothing!! Didn't my computer recognize my touch???? I am in panic mode now.....

I call a computer repair lady...she can't even look at my poor 'puter until Thursday night....WHAT????!?!?! Thursday night??? What can I do....Hubby is NOT going to agree to another one before someone looks at it...I can tell you that right now.....So what is a girl to do??? Beg to borrow a spare computer....that is what a girl is to do!!!! LOL!!! So, here I sit...n borrowed notebook trying to let you know where I have been......So, I don't know if I will get to upload any pictures for you.....

And if you have emailed me the last three days.....I am not ignoring you....I can't get to you....I will try to check my email through this computer...argh!!!!!

Did I mention that the torque converter needed replaced in my car...that I have ad since this April this week too??!?!?!! A girl needs a break!!!

Happy Stampin' everyone!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Take a moment to remember....

Click on this link to watch a small video on September 11, 2001. is hard to remember life before it.

It is hard to believe that life as we know it was for ever changed between 8:45 am - 10:10 am by 4 airplanes filled with innocent passengers and a hand full of terrorists. So many lives lost here, on our American soil, senselessly.

Even though the video focuses on New York City....take a moment to remember The Pentagon and the heroes that brought down another terrorist plane right here in Pennsylvania.

I have really been reflecting on his lately. My daughter had a play date this past Monday in honor of September 11th. Now, she wasn't even born when it occurred but I want her to understand the impact it had on our country, when she is old enough to grasp it. Her play date was to cut things out of a magazine and glue down to resemble a flag. She isn't near old enough to even "get" that - she just turned 3 but it was important to me that she actually glued in a flag pattern. I will scrapbook that for her along with journaling about September 11th. I think that sometimes scrap book shouldn't just be filled with needs to be filled with "life" And that one day has changed our lives in more ways than we will probably ever realize.

Sorry to be so "heavy" this morning.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stampin' Up! and Country Living Magazine!!!!


Last year Stampin' Up! offered a limited edition stamp set bundle partnering up with Country Living Magazine. They have done it again!!! Stampin' Up! will offer an eight page spread in Country Living Magazine featuring the Country Living Holiday Collection Stampin' Kit in the December 2008 issue.

What does this mean for you? A couple of things:

1. You will be able to purchase your exclusive kit directly from me.

2. As a customer, Country Living is offering a subscription special!!! You can get a year's worth of Country Living magazines for only $12!!!!! That is 75% off the new stand price! AND.....on top of the low subscription rate, you will receive an exclusive Stampin' Up! note card set, just for subscribing....from Country Living!!! How great is this?????

CLICK HERE to subscribe.

You can enjoy This magazine subscription all year...delivered right to your door! And get a mini stamp as a thank you gift from Country Living Magazine!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A gift for my Big Shot club members...and a tutorial for you! :)

Hi everyone!!!
I have 2 Big Shot clubs going simultaneously right now and I wanted to make them a gift using the big shot for our first meeting. I had thought that several of them didn't have experience with a die cutting I thought a note pad was in order. I was originally going to alter a small tablet with dies in the Big Shot....but then, it hit me....why not make the tablet????

These were super fun to make!! The cover is old olive. I stamped the flowers from Pocket Silhouettes - on sale this me right away to place your order - first with old olive and then the top flower with whisper white craft ink. I left the covers dry over night. I could have dried them with a heat tool, but it was I thought just leave them sit over night.... The sentiments "Thank You" is from Fresh Cuts. I stamped that in elegant eggplant and punched it out with the large oval punch. I gave it a mat with an elegant eggplant oval punched with the brand new wide oval. Then placed a small accent flower on the side with a more mustard flower from three for you punch. Adhered that with a brad from the vintage brads set. Wanna see it up close?

The front and back covers were made with one pass through the big shot. It cut through two layers of card stock like butter!!! I then cut five sheets of printer paper at a time to create the butter.

To get the pages all cut even, I lined up the top and bottom notch at the two inch mark on my table top trimmer and cut off all of the ends. Your ends will look like this:

Next, I stacked my cover, 20 pages and back cover in little piles. And then I though to myself....what if I don't punch the holes in a perfectly straight line and the tablet is a willy-wonkus??? ( Those aren't the exact words I thought...but you get the!!!)

So I made a template out of a piece of the tablet paper. I folded it in half long ways and punched a hole. That way, I could use that as a template and I knew the holes were in line. If I had a home binding system, I wouldn't have had to go through that last step...but I don't. I would rather spend that money on big shot stuff or stamps :):):) Here is what the template looked like:

I placed that template on top of each tablet stack and punched the holes with my crop-a-dile...again...the crop-a-dile went through the entire tablet at once, with no trouble!!! Stampin' Up! must get it that we stampers need tools that can do more than one little sheet of paper at a time....thanks Stampin' Up!!!!

I bound them together with little o rings and accented that with olive, mustard and eggplant ribbons. A girl can never "over ribbon" anything.....

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about these little note pads.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

You won't want to miss this Stamp Camp!

NOTE: This will remain up at the top of the blog until the registration deadline, so please scroll down for current posts!

This is gonna be a fun one!!!

You decide...keep this for yourself or get a jump start on your Holiday Shopping by creating a one of a kind, handmade gift for someone special!

We will be constructing a box to hold all types of cards - all occasion regular sized cards, mini cards with scalloped envelopes, love notes, gift tags, and a stamp envelope! You will have everything you need right in this one place to send a greeting or for gift giving!

Note: mine isn't totally complete, I'm still waiting for suppiles to arrive to complete.

You will be using the Big Shot and exclusive dies and using lots of different types of embellishments! Those embellishments include: hodgepodge hardware, buttons, punches, new ribbons, new designer series papers and more!!!!

The Stamp Camp will be Sunday September 21st at 1:00 pm in the Big Mac Board Room.


You can choose the option of predominantly Baja Breeze, shown here, or Kiwi Kiss for your gift set!

The cost of this camp is only $30. RSVP by September 7th.

Email me directly,, to reserve your spot or order your kit for this camp!

***Unable to attend, opt for "Class to Go." You will get all of the consumable supplies, except adhesives, that you need to complete the entire gift set at your convenience. Cost for Class to go is $30 plus $5.25 priority shipping with delivery confirmation. If you are local....great! You can save on shipping. The stamp sets we will be using is Upsey Daisy and Stem Silhouettes, they are both on the Never Seen Before Sale - Add them to your class order and be ready to assemble right away!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Blogger's Challenge - week 62

Hey stampers! I hope you all have been enjoying the new In Colors this year...I sure have! When this week's Blogger's Challenge was a color challenge to use tangerine tango, pacific point, kiwi kiss and riding hood red.....a retro feel jumped out at me. I knew right away that I wanted to use Wow Flowers. I really love this 4 stamp if Stampin' Up! would give us a matching punch to the retro flower image....ah...a girl can dream, right?

I stamped the flower in all four colors onto very vanilla in a random pattern and mounted that onto kiwi kiss. Then a simple knot was tied around those layers with the new riding hood red 5/8th inch striped ribbon. {luv this new ribbon!!!!} I mounted that panel with stampin dimensionals onto my tangerine tango card base.

The sentiment stack was fun to layer, that's for know how I love my punches and now my Big read right, my Big Shot. Didn't you see where I used my Big Shot in the stack? Well, let's look closer.....

See the pacific point embossed scalloped circle??? That is a new limited edition sizzix embosslit available for Stampin' Up's 20th anniversary. It has 20 Years embossed in the center. Here is what it looks like...before you stack it up.....

I'm not sure if this will be available for customers to purchase or not, but I just got mine I had to play. I had to use my Big Shot, right??? I am telling you....I can't stop. You will see.....when you get won't be able to either. cuts and embosses in one pass through the Big Shot!!! How great is this?????? Ok....Stampin' Up!, here is your opportunity to listen to little 'ol me....we want more of these!!! How awesome would it be to get an oval embosslit that coordinates with our oval punches??? still dreaming..... came here to read about the card...not listen to me dream out loud....It's 5:30 in the morning...bear with me ;)

The center sentiment was stamped twice, once in tangerine tango and once in riding hood red. I punched the tangerine one with a 1" circle punch and then the flower center with the boho blossom punch....that is right....the flower is a perfect fit to the boho blossom punch....don't believe me...scroll back up and see. I'm sure Stampin' Up! has noooo idea that the flower and punch coordinate.....I'm sure that was "my" finding.....LOL!!!! But I was impressed to "figure" it out, none the less... :)

I adhered those two layers together with a clear rhinestone brad from the pretties kit. That layer was adhered with stampin dimensionals onto a 1 1/4 circle of kiwi kiss and a 1 3/8 circle of red riding hood red and then onto that gorgeous pacific point scalloped, embossed circle. I Mounted that entire stack onto stampin' dimensionals and called it a day!

This layout came together so quickly....I made another card with it...but that will be another day :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stampin' Up! has done it again!!!

I am in awe over my newest shipment from Stampin' Up!

My doctor's bag for the Big Shot has been on back order until this past today....I get mine! I immediately ripped the box open...and what do I find????

Isn't this beautiful???

I thought it was just a black and white plaid needless to say, I was ecstatic to see the actual fabric! Beautiful grey and black plaid with a tiny strip of pink plaid throughout! Oh my!!!

Isn't this fabric so pretty?

So I decided to unzip it and have a look inside.....OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Are you kidding me????

Gorgeous pink interior outfitted with black and grey tiny polka dots!!! Doe sit get any better????

It sure does! There are interior pockets as well as two large pockets that zipper closed along the outside on the front and back!

If you are getting yourself one of these hot Big Shots I highly recommend the bag. It will be a great place to store your big shot while you aren't using it. And who doesn't want a super stylish bag- one that has a purpose - in your craft space??? I am so glad I ordered mine!

It's a Girl!

Hi Stampers!!!

What I am about to show you might shock you! I mean, when you see it and gasp with shock...don't say I didn't warn you! To be totally honest...I shocked myself! lol!

This card was made to coordinate with the baby gift I posted last Friday. The card also uses today's SCS sketch challenge. Shocked yet? no? Well...give me a minute....

Wanna see it?

Look at the ribbon treatment up close...really added a feminine touch, I think.

Still nothing shocking?


The fact that I didn't use my Big Shot didn't put you back in your seat? It did me! ;)

Also....Hostess Club girls....there is something new on this card that you will be learning this month! {hint, hint} hehe!

stamps: nursery necessities
ink:regal rose, pink pirouette, stampin write markers: so saffron, certainly celery, regal rose
card stock: pink pirouette, whisper white, certainly celery, regal rose, just delightful simply scrappin' kit (retired)
accessories: non stampin up ribbon, scallop edge punch, stampin dimensionals, 1/8 inch hand held punch

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Big Shot Club Offering

NOTE: This will remain at the top of my blog - Scroll down for current posts!!!

Are you wanting to own a Big shot and accessories but don't want to make a large one time payment purchase? This will be the club for you!

Click HERE to view the Big Shot flyer. These same pages will be in the Holiday Mini Catalog that begins in October, but you are able to begin purchasing the Big Shot and accessories in September!!!! How awesome is that???
The Big Shot is the only die cutting machine you will need! It will cut other dies that you currently own! I will personally train you with the Big Shot that you purchase from me!

How does it work?

Each club will have four members in it. We will meet once a month ( September - December) to make new projects with the Big Shot, if you choose to. I know everyone is busy, so if a meeting time isn't good for everyone, I can email directions for each project to you instead.

BIG SHOT CLUB: $60 per month (for four months)
Special Edition Starter kit including:
- Big Shot
- Multipurpose Platform & Cutting pads
- 2 SU! exclusive Bigz Dies: Scalloped Envelope & Top Note
- 1 SU! exclusive Sizzlet - 4 pack: Birds and Blooms
- 1 SU! exclusive decorative strip: Join the Cheer
- Decorative strip cutting pads & extended spacer platform (necessary to cut long thin dies such as Join the Cheer)

-Your choice of Sizzlet Die (4.95 value) - A Gift from me!
-$20 in free merchandise to spend in the new catalog or on another Big Shot die!
-a Level 1 hostess Stamp set out of the new catalog!

Be one of the first 2 of 4 to sign up for each club and receive an additional Sizzlet Die for free!!!

Please email me if you have any questions.

Today is THE day....

Officially today, you can order your Big Shot! If you want to get a jump start on orders, contact me right away to order your very own Big Shot!

I have several girls that will be attending my first of four consecutive Big Shot clubs/classes. I thought it would be nice to give them a little teaser of a project that they will be making on Sunday. If you are interested in joining our club, we have local club member spots available as well as long distance spots. Email me directly (

I have had this card in my mind for a while now for our first Big Shot Club meeting but was unsure of the color scheme that I wanted to execute it in. Along came SCS color challenge to do a monochromatic card....I thought..PERFECT! I snuck upstairs to my little oasis and got busy!

I can't give too many details away just yet...I want my Big Shot Club members to get them first hand...but check out the dimension of those flowers ( flower layers bigz die)...and that yummy riding hood taffeta ribbon....oh my!!! And the pretties kit flat back pearls....the softness of pink pirouette.....the beauty of Bella Blossom designer series papers.....when will it end?!??!?!? I don't want it to ever end....Keep up the GREAT work Stampin' Up! I am lovin' it! ;)

Now, GO STAMP! ;)