Thursday, September 11, 2008

Take a moment to remember....

Click on this link to watch a small video on September 11, 2001. is hard to remember life before it.

It is hard to believe that life as we know it was for ever changed between 8:45 am - 10:10 am by 4 airplanes filled with innocent passengers and a hand full of terrorists. So many lives lost here, on our American soil, senselessly.

Even though the video focuses on New York City....take a moment to remember The Pentagon and the heroes that brought down another terrorist plane right here in Pennsylvania.

I have really been reflecting on his lately. My daughter had a play date this past Monday in honor of September 11th. Now, she wasn't even born when it occurred but I want her to understand the impact it had on our country, when she is old enough to grasp it. Her play date was to cut things out of a magazine and glue down to resemble a flag. She isn't near old enough to even "get" that - she just turned 3 but it was important to me that she actually glued in a flag pattern. I will scrapbook that for her along with journaling about September 11th. I think that sometimes scrap book shouldn't just be filled with needs to be filled with "life" And that one day has changed our lives in more ways than we will probably ever realize.

Sorry to be so "heavy" this morning.....

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Anonymous said...

I watched, I cried, I remembered. Very sobering, and yes...teach the children.