Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a Whirlwind!!!!

HI Stampers!

I had a wonderful time in Baltimore last weekend - I attanded the Stampin' Up! Regional Training event at the Convention Center at the Inner Harbor......too much fun for such a short time!  I will eb sharing samples and swaps from the event but I wanted to share some highlights with you today.

The Inner Harbor is such a beautiful place - I wish I had more time there to enjoy it and really take in more of the cultural district.  Of course, my hubby and daughter were with me and their idea of  "culture" is coloring the placemats at Denny's!  LOL!!!  But my hubby did let me absord in some Baltimore goodness....one regret I do have is not attending the Oriole baseball game at Camden Yards whiel we were there.  I have zero interest in the Orioles (sorry to be so brutally honest - I am a Pittsburgh sports fan and I really wouldn't go out of my way for the Pirate games either ;)  )  but to watch a game at THE Camden Yards.....we should have went.  On Saturday, the day of the meeting, there was a baseball game and it was across the street from the Convention Center.  Let me tell you - there was a *little* bit of traffic there! 

Oh!!  Did I mention I had the pleasure of meeting some of the Royal Family?  I didn't get to meet the Queen herself - She was home enjoying a new grandson.  But I did get to meet with some of her Court.  Wanna see?

Carrie Cudney - she is the sweetest girl - all tall.....did you see that?  I love watching her training videos from Stampin' Up!  She is soooo creative I just wanted to rub her hair to absorb some of her creative juices in.

And - The Bonnie Thurber!!  I mean if you don't think of her as a Stampin' Up! celebrity you have no respect for Royalty in Salt Lake City.  I mean seriously....come on people!  She was super sweet!!  She seems like she would be a lot of fun to spend time with......and her creative side is another amazing one!!!  I could have spent the afternoon pinching her cheeks and tellin her how sweet she was!

On Sunday mornimg, before we headed home - before we went to breakfast even....a girl has priorities!! - we had to seek out Charm City Cakes......Hello!!!  We are in Baltimore and Duff has his cake shop in Baltimore - did you think I would not have thought of that????  If you know me personally or even may have read it here some where - I dabble in cake decorating.  I am NO Duff Goldman, that is for sure - won't ever even come close to his talents - but I do enjoy watching his crew turn simple pound cake layers into a.m.a.z.i.n.g. things!!

Well....better get on with my morning.  There are dry clothes that need hung in the dryer, wet clothes in the washer that need dried and dirty clothes that are ttrying to jump into the washer, a kid that needs dressed, long hair that needs combed, a lunch that needs packed, a dishwasher to unload.......the list goes on and on.....I am SURE you get the picture.  I need some assistants around here so I could blog more today.  I will be bring by some samples from this weekend this week - pinky swear ;)

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Stephanie said...

i am so thrilled for you that you were able to attend this gathering!!! And Charm City cakes to boot!!! you were having the best of both worlds----love all the samples--did you make a ton to exchange or anything like that?? Can't wait to hear more details :)