Thursday, September 30, 2010

Calgon......tote me away........

IF YOU ARE HERE TODAY (or any day for all that matters ;)   )....MAKE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN - I HAVE POSTED TWO POSTS TODAY.

Well, I sure am not a pioneer when it comes to making a purse out of the scallop square die and the big shot....but I did finally get around to making one.  I didn't really look up any direcctions on what to do...I just plugged through it from seeing so many online in the past.  Wanna see mine?

Excuse my hand holding it up.....I guess I should have taken the picture before washing it so it wouldbe stiffer....but I gotta tell you - I think these purses are less than adorable before washing to shabby up a bit.  I did, however, do more sewing on my square than I have seen in the past.  I also don't recall the edges being finished off quite like this of the ones I have seen:

Maybe I did...I don't know....but I don't remember it.  I had to add some pockets to the sides:

I will use these pockets for a cell phone, gum, keys, etc when I use this baby as a purse AND when I use it as a stamping supply organizer at stamping classes and clubs the side pockets will hold adhesives, bone folder, snips....who know....but I am sure it will be packed with stuff!

I was going to make some pockets for the inside....but honestly I have plans to make an organizer insert to tote around stamping supplies when I order more fabric.  I have been doing so many things with this fabric line, I am pretty much out of it....sad, sad day when you have a project to execute and you are out of fabric.....  I gotta place an order, soon!  You will see that organizer insert, I soon as I get one made.

And.....with scraps, I had to make a cute little flower pin.  I didn't wash it yet though.....I don't know what I was thinking.  lol!    Wanna see???

The solid layers are cut from wool felt .  teh dies I used to make this flower are: Island Flroal, and Blossom Party.  Look at the layered goodness of this cutie:

I sewed it all together and added a Big Designer Button from the Deck teh Halls button collection.  I gotta show you the back so you can see how I tacked the "leaf" layer down.

I didn't want the leaves to be three equal I tacked one off to the side.  Now I will have to sew the pin back on it and atatch it to my purse or shirt or something that needs some lovin'!

Well....leave me some love with your thoughts on these two projects.  I won't bite, honest - well - unless you don't leave me some lovin'!  lol!!


Kristine L said...

Your tote is just darling!! Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

Great job! Love the bag and the pin!!