Friday, September 3, 2010

I haven't forgotten......

About You!!!

My little one started kindergarten this week.  And when she gets home, she is wanting me.  Even if it is just to sit with her while she plays.  Yesterday she asked me if we could do something together as soon as she got off the bus.  I said well.......what would you like to do?  (never agree to anything with her until you are sure of the!  I wouldn't want to agree to working on head stands!  lol!!!)  She looked up at me, sweet as could be, and said.....can we just sit down and have a little drink together??  Really????  It means something to her that I actually sit with her and have a drink??  So, I had to agree to those terms :)  So - I made us some lemonade to drink.....and those who really know me know that giving her lemonade is a real treat!  I am a strictly milk and water for her mommy.......chocolate milk on special occassions only.....  lol!

I spent the beginning of the week cutting and sorting and packaging up the ribbon shares - thank you very much if you ordered one!!!   This is my first experience with there are lots of new things in our schedule that weren't there before.  I will get back in the swing of life soon - I pinky swear!!!

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