Friday, September 24, 2010

Are you now???

Yeah....that is the response of my hubby when we were on our way home from our daughter's swimming lesson last night.  Here is how it went down.....

me:  i am going to stamp while you give L (my daughter) a bath

hubby:  oh really?

me:  yep

hubby:  you are going to stamp while i give the bath??

me: yeah - i AM going to stamp.  i haven't in a while, a long while, so tonight i AM going to and you ARE giving L a bath

hubby:  are you know?

me: yes

hubby: if i knew that i would have eaten dinner.....(he was [probably thingink - you know that drive through crap you jsut bought for L)

me: {{what???}} (that is what i was is what i actually said.... ) this isn't a discussion....i am telling you what i am going to do.  end of debate.  i am stamping. tonight.

hubby: silence with a bit of snickering.....

So that is how it went down.....oh yeah....I held my ground.  LOL!!  The discussion wasn't nearly as stern as it sound all typed out, but that is how it went.  Maybe i will try that again tonight.  lol!!  Meanwhile our house is in utter disarray from our increasingly hectic schedules.....but i WAS going to stamp.  darn it....I was stampin'!

But anyway....I had a rough idea of this week's mojo monday sketch in my head all week.  So I went from there for today's card.  I spent most of my time last night working on something I am submitting to Stampin' Up! for a demonstrator contest - which I probably won't have a snowball's chance in fire of winning - but I had an idea in my head for a contest titled "Christmas" and wanted to do it.  "Christmas" sure is a broad category....but I still wanted to do it.

Oh - you want to see what I made that I actually could show???  Oh - sorry.  Here it is:

it's cute, right?  My mojo maybe isn't up to par right now....but I can run a 5 year old around to practices and lessons like nobody's business.....yeah that is right - you heard me....I can do it.  lol!

I {luv} the new glimer brads that are in the Holiday Mini!!!  **yummo**
And did you notice the dazzling diamond snow???  You know that is a bitter cold night when the snow sparkles!  So - enough of the 88 degree days already!!!

Well, I better to my next task.  balancing the checkbook.....yipee!!!  you did read that with a bit of sarcasm in your head voice, right??  because it was it again...there is sarcasm.

Happy Stampin'!

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