Tuesday, November 30, 2010

jingle, jangle, jingle......

.....you can hear the sleigh bells ring.....i am old kris kringle, i'm  the king of jingle-ing! ho! ho!

so - is everyone ready for the holidays?  i have my shopping done for our daughter - i'm glad i finished that up two weeks ago, since my hubby is laid up from breaking his ankle in two places and having surgery on thanksgiving day.  argh!!!  forgive me - i am not using capitals today.....not into it!  lol!!!

i do have something to share with you though.  the other night after i put my daughter to bed....i pulled out some stuff and got busy on the coffee table.  let me tell ya - the coffee table isn't the best place to work with a bad back...but i hated to leave my hubby sit - lay rather - and have me upstairs playing....so the coffee table it was.  lol!  sitting here thinking, i realize i could have sat at the bar - but i didn't think of that then, no shock there, huh?

i am really getting into these decor elements, i gotta say.  i really like making pictures and things with them.  wanna see what i made the other night???  do ya?

well?  you like?  it was inspired from another blog and i can't remember where i saw it - it was a while ago and i just filed it in my memory bank of things to make....you know, when i get a free minute to myself...lol!!!

the frame size is a document frame - fits a 8 1/2 x 11 instead of the normal 8x10.  the decor element is the medium black jingle all the way.  the ribbon is the wide striped black ribbon - love that wide ribon!!!

can you see in the picture that panel on the left is whisper white with whisper white snowflakes cut with my big shot and the snowflakes #2 die?  love the white on white.  i tied a few gold jingle bells to the ribbon with crochet thread....but the next chance i get to town, which might be easter, i am going to buy bigger jingle bells to tie onto the bow.....but you get the idea?  right?

the polka dot paper behind the decor element is cherry cobbler, from the desigher series prints paper packs.  they are huge packs, really.  the decor elemetn is applied to the front of the glass, so looking at it in person gives a little depth to it.  i had to give the jingle bell a jingle bell color.....so i used the backing sheet that the decor element comes on for the pattern.  after you burnish the decor element with the applitcator tool and get it to stick to the transfer sheet, the decor element comes off the backing sheet - which has the design image on it from the cutting process.  so, i cutout the jingle bell shape on teh backing sheet - which is actually garbage - and traced it onto brushed gold cardstock and cut it out.  i then adhered the gold cardstock to the back of the glass (inside of the frame)  with mini glue dots on the glass where the decor element would cover it.  so - if i ever wanted to replace the designer series paper and decorate it with different colors, the gold bell would still be attached to the glass....in the erfect spot for the decor element.  did i make that clear as mud?  lol!!!

well - off to check on the hubby....he is watching "the perfect storm"....not like we haven't watched that a gazillion times.  wonder if the ship makes it through the storm?

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