Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Wallet for Father's Day

HI All! I am so sorry I haven't posted much lately.....I can't get my act together!!! I have been scrapping...I will have to get that photographed and posted for you - hopefully I will provide you with some scrappin' mojo. :)

I made this wallet last night for Father's Day. I haven't decided who will get hubby, my dad, my step father.....who knows!?!!? Depends on what my final gift will be for them. :) i modeled it after my husbands wallet....I love the flap out part. I will put a picture of my little one in there maybe or a gift card. And of course, there is a money slot....gotta have a place to put your money!! I did leave the inside solid card stock so I could easily write on it.

Here is the front:
look at all that faux stitching.....that was fun!!!

Here it is open the first time:

Here it is open all of the way....see the place for the picture? So darling!! It actually opens from the fold to slip a picture up in it....just like a real wallet :)
Here is a closer look at the texture.

Can you see it in the picture? It feels like brushed leather, suede, or even a felt type of fabric. And the entire wallet is made from close to cocoa card, huh? I like it. I used the white gel pen for the stitching after piercing it with the mat pack and piercer. That is the only way I can keep my holes lined up - what a great tool!!! The Happy Father's Day sentiment is from All Holidays.

Wanna know how I did the texture????

Do ya????

I can't hear you..........


I took a piece of close to cocoa card stock and rubbed it against the edge of my desk in all different ways to break down the fibers in the card stock. I carefully peeled a corner apart and started to pull it apart. I then adhered it to the clse to cocoa card stock that actually made up the wallet. The card stock pulled apart is too thin to use on it's own for a project like this.

Would you have guessed that??

What do you think????


stephanie said...

Hopefully you'll be offering this in a class/club format sometime soon. If the 100.00 is included, I vote to give to your hubby because then maybe later on you can hit him up for some money (since you know he has at least a 100) LOL

Heather Pilz said...
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Heather Pilz said...

I found your blog from the so shelli challenge page, and I absolutely love it! What a great project. Do you think it would work with an actual sewing machine?