Friday, April 6, 2012

There's a Party Goin' On Right Here.......

........A Suess A Bration.......that comes around once a year! 

Oh Boy......I couldn't resist!  lol ;)

What I have to share today is a scrapbook layout I made a few weeks ago.  My daughter's school had a week long celebration for Dr. Suess' birthday.  Everyday they were to wear/do something different.....I thought it would be fun to document it.

I got my inspiration from a layout I saw online or on Pinterest.  I spend so many hours online looking for inspiration researching that I sometimes get something in my head and forget exactly where I saw it.  Wanna see it?

That about sums up today - off to get some work done.....{{sigh}} - UGH is more like it......I just want to create or "research"  lol!!!

Have a wonderful day!

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