Wednesday, July 29, 2009


my baby turned four today! it seems like just yesterday that i held her tiny little body swaddled in her flannel blankets, seeing nothing but her little face sticking out. :)

poor girl, she really didn't get a fair birthday celebration from her daddy and i - we haven't had water for two days. we initially thought our well went dry....but now maybe not...but things still aren't totally right. her daddy is still in the basement puddling around and i am sitting her with her while she plays with her new toy from us. we didn't get her many things....she doesn't need a thing - believe me! her big gift from us was fisher price's smart cycle extreme. it is a video game that she plays from on a bicycle of sorts. so there are lots of peddling going on behind me! to check on our water situation...pray for good news, please.

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Anonymous said...

My baby turned 20 today, and I can still feel, smell and see her as she was the day she was born. Time flies, treasure each moment, good and bad! Hope your water issue is resolved. Wish Lauren a belated happy birthday. Paris