Sunday, March 7, 2010

A tutorial, as promised :)

HI stampers!!

Did you enjoy the Going Green Blog tour over the weekend?  I sure did - and I also gained many more green ideas for paper crafting!!  Can I get a "whoo whoo!!!"?  lol!

Anyway, I promised to post a tutorial for the flower I used on the project I made on Friday.  I ahd made the same flower (stamped differently though) for a card I made a few weeks ago.  Between the two postings, I received a lot of comments and emails for a here it goes!

Now, I will warn you....I am pretty thorough with long picture post today :)

First, you need to punch five scallop circles.  You can stamp them first or after you punch....what ever suits your fancy ;)

Take 4 of the scallop circles and stack then on each other - no need to line up here....we aren't looking for perfection - lol!!  Punch them with the 1/16th inch hole punch.

Now this is where I might lose some of you.....this is difficult for some people, lol!  Wrinkle up all five circles in as tight of a ball as you can make.  Just do it!  It is card stock - it can't wrinkle you back!

Unwrinkle, but don't smooth out.  Is this making you feel any better???  lol!  Sponge the edges.

Take the four that have been punched with a hole punch and adhere then together with a brad.  Any 'ol brad will do, you will never see this brad again.  Pick an ugly one :)

Pull up the scallops toward the center, smooshing and mooshing, all except the bottom scallop circle.

Push them away from the brad a little.

Put a pop up glue dot in the center, over that ugly brad.

Fold up the remaining scallop circle into fourths and snip the bottom point off.

Smoosh ( technical term, I know) the last scallop circle into the pop up glue dot and fluff out your petals.

Now, isn't that purty????
Adhere it to your project and hand deliver ;)

If you found this tutorial useful, I would love for you to leave me a comment below.  :)  If you make this flower, I would love for you to link back here so I can take a peek.  I am fishing for some love here, huh?  yeah, shamelessly!  lol!!!!


Alysia said...

So easy, can't wait to try one for myself. Thanks so much for sharing!

Ann said...

Love, love love your flower tutorial! Thanks for sharing how to create your b e a utiful flower with us!

Stampin' Smiles from Ear to Ear,
Ann :)

Barbara said...

I've been wanting that new large petal punch in the mini....but now I see I can create the look I'm going for with something I already have!! THANK YOU for the idea...and the tutorial!!

Dina said...

Very helpful and so easy! I can't wait to try it! TFS!