Monday, March 12, 2012

At the Sock Hop

HI All!!

Guess what???? 

No......that's not it........

Guess again -

No..........not that either!

Ok - I guess I will just tell you - ;)   lol!

I have been playing with some templates from the Paper Crafters Sampler Library and I couldn't resist.......

You know how sometimes I will come to you saying I have been playing with a challenge and something gets in my head and I just can't get it I just need to do it?    Well......that happened again - lol

I was playing around with the baby bootie template from the June 2011 Issue....and I could have just made soem booties right?  you know - pink ones, blue ones??  But all I could think about was waaayyyyy back to my daughter's first halloween at camp and I made her a fifties costume with a gray poodle skirt......Do  you have any idea where I am going with this?  {{giggle giggle}}

I HAD to make saddle shoes - I had to do it - wanna see?

Head on over to The Paper Crafters Library - this is the June 2011 issue.  If you decide to join up - be sure to tell Melanie that Regina sent you and use the code PCSRC.

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elaine said...

So adorable! I love them.