Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I have been tagged!!!!

My blog buddie, Jaime, has tagged me!!! WHoooooHOOoooo...this is fun! You must check out her blog Stampin' Mommy of Four....she does amazing stuff! Her card making is awesome and her scrapbooking is superb!

Seven random things about me.....hmmm.....
1. I love to eat potato chips ( have to be regular...not ruffled) on my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches....the best!

2. Touching most velours makes me gag! what is up with that????

3. I now drive a Chrysler Pacifica....well on my way to being a soccer mom! lol!

4. I do not like to sleep in a freshly made bed...I like my blankets messed up a little.

5. My new drink of choice is Coke Zero....yummmm....

6. I don't spend all....

7. I am a mommy to one little girl....and she has three gold fish...all named Dorothy! Could you guess she loves Elmo???

now to tag 7 people....I wish I could tag Jaime back! This is a hard decision.....Here they are in no particular order....I love them all equally!

Wow...that was alot of thinking.....i hope my facts were random enough! lol! I have so many favorite blogs...these were just to name a few.

1 comment:

Michele said...

Hi Regina, thank you for listing me! As you can tell, I'm never very prompt at these things, but I do eventually get around to it!