Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh my.....Where does my time go????

Well.....I have been so busy for well over a month I am sure the rest of you have been too! I'm sure it isn't just me that summer takes a toll on! I have a stamp camp on Sunday so this week...I am prepping for that when I can sneak off for a minute! I do have my samples all worked out...that is a life saver, let me tell you! however...Let the cutting begin!!!!

So, today I have prepped one card and bagged it up for the "camper's" packets when they arrive. And I thought you might enjoy the sneak peek of what we are going to do.......

Is that some blingy hardware over there?????? OH MY!!!!! I can't get enough! I can't wait for the "camper's" to see this!

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