Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hit me with your "Big Shot"......

Why don't you hit me with your "Big Shot?"
Hit me with your "Big Shot".....Fire away!!!!!!
Well...it should be hit me with your best shot....but you know how it is.....
Would you have guessed that my big shot is being delivered tomorrow!?!??!? And I wouldn't want to be UPS if it doesn't come......lol!!!

So I thought I would show you the list of materials you can cut with the Big Shot:

Brass (.055)
Light weight steel
Aluminum (.016)
Tin (.008)
Aircraft plywood (1/64")
Basswood (1/16")
Balsa (3/32")
Mat board (adhesive or none)
Foam with chipboard (.1)
Corrugated pad
Adhesive-backed cork
Fine sandpaper (.00)
Extra thick template plastic
Template plastic
Plastic canvas (7 mesh)
Bubble wrap
Sheet foam
Friendly (jewelry) plastic
100% pure beeswax (cut with parchment paper on top & bottom of beeswax)
Adhesive and non-adhesive rubber
Static cling vinyl
Warm & natural batting
Fusible fleece
Quilt batting
Adhesive and non-adhesive flexible magnet
Heat n' shrink plastic
Adhesive and non-adhesive felt
Pop-up sponge
Shiny self-adhesive and non-adhesive paper
Iron-on fabric
Poly foam adhesive and non adhesive
3-D illusionary plastic
Glow in the dark adhesive and non adhesive
Suede paper
Funky fur
Personal Embossing Plastic (PEP)
Shaggy plush felt
Vinyl flooring
Shelf lining
Embossing rubber
Thin leather
Gasket material

Now that's a lot of stuff!!!!

And as for card stock and designer series paper, you can cut multiple sheets at a time!! Can I get a Whoop whoop!!!!? Or as Lauren would say - a "hoo hoo!"

Want to see a teaser of some projects made with the Big Shot?

You can make a coordinating outfit in a matter of minutes! I can see my little girl getting a new outfit from me real soon.....and as far as tote bags go.....we all need one of them!!!

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