Monday, September 28, 2009

Ever wonder what it is that I do in a day??

LOL!!! If you would -probably be disappointed. :) I have a few things to share with you today. One is not at all paper related....but became paper related....and started as paper related.

Are you confused yet??? I think I am! is what I mean. My cousin came to me a few weeks ago and said - "Can you make a cake that looks like this?" and handed me this:

(began as paper....see where I am going with this????)

I said sure! Do you want the color sprayed on or all in icing? Icing won, hands down.....she {luvs} my icing. If you know me personally, you know I also dabble in cake decorating on the side. I took a series of classes after I had my daughter because I wanted to learn something new. I know...that sounds crazy but here is something even crazier...I went to college and then went to beauty school because I wanted to learn something new... I ended up totally loving it and made a pretty lucrative career out of it for 12 years before I had my little one. That is way off base, though, huh? hehehe!! But you see my desire to keep learning new! is the cake:
She also brought me some little army vehicles and men, so I made two roads on the cake. yum.

I had a card made with build a bear on it for him....and about an hour before we had to go to his party....I thought to myself...."self....he wanted an army party - give him an army card" But I do not have any stamps military related - none. So I was sitting in my studio....what to do, what to do? I pulled out always artichoke....yep - looks like military green. Then I pulled out artichoke's counter part, mellow moss - ooooo I am liking this. So, I needed a brown - pulled out creamy caramel....NO WAY!...that wasn't working for about close to cocoa? Oh Yeah...perfecto! Black, that is a no brainer!

And I started to cut....and cut....cut a little here....cut a little there.....snail some here....snail some there....cut likey......pull out sentiment set, on your birthday, stamped it in basic black on very vanilla. Mount that on basic black. ooooooo....I am going to like this.....Adhere the sentiment panel with stampin dimensionals.

Oh my word.....too cute!

Wanna see?

So there you have invitation that inspired a cake that inspired a card. I would love to know what you think of it all. Leave me a comment below to taste the cake :)

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J said...

You are so creative! What a great cake and card!