Monday, February 21, 2011

By Candlelight........

Hi Stampers!!!

Guess what?????  I have a new goodie to share with you today!  My grandma's birthday was this weekend and I had a gift idea in mind to make.  She almost always has a jar candle burning and I got to thinking.......What if a person likes the scent of a particular candle, but doens't like the color?????  You of my favorite Ynakee scents is pink and I don't have a pink thing in my house except my little girl's room.  Now, that color hasn't stopped me from buying it....but what if it had? 
{lol}  Am I the only one who thinks up these thoughts????  {probably....}

But anyway....I got to work. 

I wanted to make a fringy type of cover, a cozie of sorts.....out of fabric.....something that could be used for more than one candle......(I put paper embellies around a jar candle for both my Grams and thy hated to burn them because the paper embellies couldn't be used again.....)

Wanna see what I did?

Do ya?

I can't hear you.........

Ok, that's better!  ;)

I cut the fabric with the big shot and the scallop square die.  But - you say - it is in one solid piece......not in squares like th erag bag you made........  That my friends will be for another day ;)

Wanna see it from the back??

I sewed a strip of velcro enclosure along the one edge to make it removeable and easier to wrap around another jar.

How about a closeup of that pretty little bow/button thingy?

It was made from a bow of always artichoke seam binding ribbon, a loop of vintage lace ribbon, and a big button.  Cute, huh?

well....what do you think?


Deb said...

This is really cute! I have been looking for some sewing projects and I think I might just give this a try! I got a sewing machine for my birthday and now I need to use it! Lol!! Thanks for the idea!!

scrappingnana said...

Very pretty and creative. I love the colors and bow. TFS