Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wanna Know How?

Do ya?  Do ya?  Do ya?

Would you like to know how I cut that fabric with my big shot to create a one piece scalloped edge wrap for the candle in the last post?  You remember - this one??

Well.....I have a quick picture for you.  I decided ot make one for a gift I need for this weekend.....this might just become my "go to" gift for a!!!

First - measure the candle jar circumfrence.  The candle I bought is approximately 15 inches.  I cut my fabric roughly 17 inches.  I also cut a piece of el cheapo muslin for the inside about the same size.  I am really particular with measurements, huh?  hehehe!!!

Lay your two pieces of fabric together.  Lay on your scallop square clear die, being careful to only let the outer edges cross the die's cutting edge on the left and right.  You will have to fold your fabric back and forth something like this:

Make sense?  Don't mind the candyland game box in the background.....I was in a super hurry to take the I just whipped it onto my chair and snapped the picture - throwing caution to the wind of what was in the background.  lol!!!!

I will then cut a piece of felt by the yard instead of using quilt batting.  For craft items like this, the felt is heavy enough.  I will quilt it by machine and then attach the velcro strips to create a wrap.  Don't forget to snip into your scalloped edges and wash and dry it to create a raggy look.  When I get it finished - I will share that with you too.

Well.....I better run, I have two days worth of stuff I want to accomplish in one day.  What else is new, huh?

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