Monday, February 28, 2011

I will try to demistify........

I have had a couple of ladies that are sewers that didn't follow my direction on how to cut the fabric to keep it in one long piece to wrap a candle.  Well........I will try to spell it out another way.  I will warn you though....I usually just talk in circles and make things more confusing :)

First - cut your fabric a couple off inches longer than the circumfrence of your candle jar.  You will need to cut a piece of inner fabric (I used el cheapo muslin) and a piece of fabric for the outer cover - pretty stuff :)  Now - lay them on top of each other - left to right being the long way.  (a rectangle with the longest side being the top and bottom)

Take that fabric sandwich to your scallop square clear die.  Lay the die face up.  Place the left hand short edge just over the scallop cutting edge.  Fold the rest of the sandwich back and forth - NOT LETTING THE FABRIC CROSS THE LEFT OR RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE DIE.  The folds must allow the right hand side of the rectangle of fabric to cross the cutting die.  Sandwich that between two cutting plates and run that baby through the big shot.  Now, i didn't worry about the scallops lining up when folding the fabric because I was planning on snipping the edges and washing it to shabby it up a bit.  Here is a look at that die again - Hopefully I have cleared some things up for you.......

Did I help you?  Please let me know in the comment section so I know I didn't do it in vein ;)

Now - Do  you want to see the candle that came out of that sandwich????

There you have it.  I sewed a strip of velcro on it to keep it wrapped around the candle and embellished it with a few jumbo buttons.