Monday, August 3, 2009

I wanna ROCK!!

HI stampers!!

Well, I think I am recovered from the birthday party and the water problems....i think. So hopefully I will back to normal - without the excess head spinning! lol!!

Last week, we went to my cousin's house for a birthday party for her son. He takes guitar lessons and I knew that he loved to play rock band. He is getting too old for a little kid birthday I thought I would make a shaped card - you know - not your standard rectangle. :)

I emailed his mom and this is how it went:

me: "what color is Zach's guitar?"
her back to me: "red"
and I left it at back and forth about more!

So here is what I came up with:
I drew out a pattern on scrap card stock and traced it on a standard real red card base. I cut it out and then made the white guitar face out of shimmery white card stock. I know absolutely nothing about guitars - but they usually do have little knobby things on the front. I made my little knobby things from punching basic black circles with a 1/2" circle punch. I don't even know how many strings are on his guitar....I dated a bass guitar player in high school and i know it had four strings....but a regular guitar has how many??? So I just went with how many fit on the neck of the guitar, spaced out how I wanted them. That is called "Creative Liberty, " right??? lol! The neck is whisper white matted with creamy caramel. I rounded the one corner with the 3/16" corner rounder. I used my matt pack and paper piercer to place the holes for the strings. I used silver cord for the strings - which is coming out again in the Holiday Mini - whoohoooo!! I anchored the strings on the back with adhesive, but I put silver brads at the bottom of the strings - you know, to look like string holders - hahahaha!!!

So what do you think of my rockin' guitar?

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