Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tags galore!

HI stampers!

Last night I went to dinner with two good friends. I took each one of them a small gift. I gave both of them a bag of gift tags with another gift. Heidi loves to read so I put a book marker for her in the gift bag I showed you yesterday with the gingerbread man on it. A couple of weeks ago, my friend Heidi, invited us over to make Christmas cookies with her, her daughter, and fawn and her daughter. We had such a good time! The three little girls had a blast....they made sprinkles with cookies, if you know what I mean.... lol!!! Anyway....Heidi had her house decked out for the Holidays and her kitchen was full of her gingerbread man collectibles. It looked so nice...she had mentioned that she collected gingerbread I had to make her a gift bag with one on it as well as a bunch of these tags.....

Don't they look so sweet??

Still noticing the little heart on his chest??? will have to wait to learn more about that! {grin} You will be in the know next Tuesday, the 23rd. :)
Here is a closer look at this sweet little guy...wouldn't you just love to bite his arm off??? LOL!!!

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Amy K said...

These tags are super cute!! I'm sure my kids would roll their eyes at me, but I might have to borrow this for their presents!!! Thanks for sharing!!