Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Door Prize for.........


This is a late congrats to Cindy for winning the door prize at my Birthday Stamp Camp on March 9th. I have to be quick today...I hear the little one awake upstairs. Do you think she has a camera on me? When I sit down to do's like she knows! It's freeky, I tell ya!

Any way.....I included a bit of chocolate in case the winner needed a little boost while stamping away! Here it is:

I thought it was just darling! But all of you know how much I LOVE my scallops made with my Stampin' Up! corner rounder and I couldn't resist using it on the edges of this little cutie!

I used the three flower stamp from One of a Kind and inked it up with my stampin write markers. You know the stamp....the one that coordinates with the Boho Blossom punch. And all of you know what I do with that punch, don't you? If you come to my classes...then you already know. If you haven't been to my classes or haven't been lately then I will let you in on a little tip. This is from my fingertips (typing) to your eyes.......

tip coming your way........

Any time I am working on a project and have small scraps of card stock left over, that couldn't be used for ANYthing else....cause you all know how I am with saving my kills me to throw it away.......I punch out small flowers with my Three For You punch or my Boho Blossom punch (I even sometimes punch out with the photo corners punch) and keep a cute jar right by my desk full of 'em. It makes it so easy when I need a little pop of color on something to just dump out my "pretties" jar and pick something. This is probably not too much of a time saver, per say, but it is a money saver. And I could use that money to buy more goodies to work with. i luv goodies!!!!!!!

Any way...I hope you look at your scraps in a different light now. Punch 'em before tossing 'em! LOL!

Oh yeah.....On a side note. you will have me back now. I finally got my submissions for the Artisian Award done. I promise to post more often. Don't forget...I don't have the "union" protecting my lunch breaks anymore...... :( Everyone else that I talk to...their kiddos take these incredibly long naps and they can do anything while they are sleeping. Not mine...she has never been a kid that required a lot of sleep. If I knew then (when she was a tiny baby) what I know now....I would have been able to foresee this no napping very early. She, at a very young age, could go on a 15-20 minute nap. Which made me pretty happy at the time....not very often did I have to say "She's so fussy because she is tired...." I just had to say..."I don't know why she is fussing...." LOL! So probably don't give a hoot about my "lunch break" so I will run.... Speaking of that..she is calling for me (in her usual perky self in the morning)...."Hey mommy.....can you come in here?...Mommy...." ( I can tell you she didn't get her morning perkiness from me!!!! hehehe!) So I better run!

Until later...Happy Stampin'!

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