Friday, March 7, 2008

Wonder where I've been all week?????

Well..sorry to all of my blog readers.....I have been a bad blogger! I haven't posted a single project this week. Please believe me...I have been working on good stuff....I just can't show it yet.

I have also been getting ready for the Birthday Card Camp this get the picture, right? I like to give each person a complete packet of supplies when they come to a camp and that does require some time. Don't get me wrong...I'm not whining! I prefer to do it this way. It would be less time consuming to stack stuff on a table but I think it is much better to be handed out in packet form then each person gets their own stuff. Don't you agree?

Well..enough about me!

I have come to you offering up a piece offering, so to speak. How about some sneak peeks of our cards for Sunday? Here they are: (sorry about the shadows.....)

Don't forget to check out the post below to learn more about the new Styled Silver Hodgepodge Hardware set!

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