Monday, March 24, 2008

I need your help!!!!!

HI everyone!

I come today with nothing newly stamped to post.....but with a plea for your help!

Get out your troll dolls.....rub their hair in circular motion and then pull it straight up into a nice point.

Wear your socks inside out...rolled down instead of folded down....two different colors if that strikes you!

Line up your bingo daubers in alphabetical order......

Sort your pennies by date.....and then take out all wheat pennies and frame them for the dashboard of your car......

what ever you do......DO NOT step on any cracks......DO NOT walk under any all numbers in you fortune cookies for the lottery.......throw a whole salt shaker over your right shoulder (don't take a chance with a pinch!).......look feverishly through your yard for a four leaf clover.....

get the picture????? hehehehe!!!!!

Now in all seriousness....I am mailing out my Artisian Award projects today, so think of me and throw me any lucky thing you do my way! I wasn't going to even tell anyone that I was going to submit anything...but I thought it would keep me accountable. I am now accountable to all of you. I won't find out the winners until June so fingers will be crossed.....tightly.....until then. lol!

Here it is.....rub your computer monitor for luck over the entire box. I know....enough already with the luck stuff. I really don't even believe in luck....but it is fun to talk about, huh?

Now....go stamp! ;)


Vera Wilkins said...

Here's wishing you all the luck of my 1/3rd part Irish and more. I was fortunate enough to see what you submitted and I loved it.

mommy0f4 said...

Congrats on the blog candy! By the way- I already visit your blog just about daily!!
Congrats on entering the artisan. I just finished my projects and I am taking them to the post office today. It was fun- but I am glad they are done. I will keep my fingers crossed for you if you keep your's crossed for me!!!